Extractions & Preservation

While we focus on helping your child maintain their teeth for a lifetime, sometimes certain teeth need to be removed.  Wisdom teeth, deciduous (baby) teeth that are preventing an adult tooth from coming in, or very crowded teeth that need to be removed before orthodontic work can be done present situations that may mean treatment involving removal

We always consider your child’s comfort regardless of the type of care they’re receiving.  We’ll discuss their unique situation with you and your child specifically to determine the best way to help them receive the treatment they need. 


Despite the best intentions, teeth sometimes need to be removed. Regardless of the situation, this minor surgical procedure can be brought together in a way that considers your child’s short and long-term concerns.  From anxiety control to planning for tooth replacement, we’ll factor in every aspect of your child’s case.

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Oral Surgery

Minor surgical procedures sometimes help treat problems in your child’s mouth. Defects in the bone or compromised supporting gum tissue may sometimes undergo repair with precise surgical techniques. 

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Root Canals

While many parents and children are anxious about root canals, modern techniques often make this procedure as quick and simple as any other procedure. Infected or damaged teeth can be disinfected and filled with a sealer, leaving a safe solution for problematic situations while preserving your child’s natural tooth.

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