Oral Sedation

This method creates a deeper level of sedation than possible with nitrous oxide, yet is just as easy to administer. Dr. Chang or Dr. Phan will prescribe a medication that your child takes before their appointment to reduce anxiety. A wide variety of medications are available for this type of sedation, and Dr. Chang or Dr. Phan will carefully discuss your child’s particular needs to determine which choice would work best. However, all are classified as anti-anxiety medications and achieve the same result: reducing and even eliminating the anxiety of dental treatment.  

In addition to making your child’s experience more comfortable, oral sedative medications help to reduce your child’s memory of the experience. It also allows us to complete your child’s treatment in fewer appointments and to finish complex procedures in less time. While your child is being treated, Dr. Chang or Dr. Phan carefully monitors your child’s vital signs to ensure that their experience is as safe as possible. Another advantage to this type of sedation is that it can safely be used along with nitrous oxide for an even deeper feeling of relaxation. Because the effects of oral sedation last longer than with nitrous oxide alone, your child will need someone to monitor them at home for a while after the procedure.